About Us

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Gokak the name itself defines its breathtaking scenery with its beautiful environment, Gokak Falls. As Gokak is famous for artificial fruits & fruit boxes above all mouth watering sweet “KARDANT”, which is royally remembered and along with Gokak. Its popularity is since 100 years. In the past years it was purchased only by rich people. And now afforded by all class.

The reason behind this healthy development is “SADANAND BHAVAN”.Sadanand Bhavan is the name which has kept its standard in preparing Kardant by adding all high quality ingredients like pista, badam cashewnuts, khazu, anjir etc.which naturally differs in taste as we avoid low quality ingredients. “SADANAND BHAVAN” devoted to get the ultimate results, now exported to America, England and other countries. To give the best service, broker’s and agent’s involvement is avoided and the delivery is made to the doorstep by speed post worldwide.