Karadant means the sweet & delicious, which is made from dink (auntu), that is fried in pure ghee. Karadant contents - jaggery, coconut,dink,dry fruits & masala items.




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Ladagi Ladu

It is a ladu which is made by jaggery,coconut, masala items. This is also a delicious sweet item.







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Mix Namkeens

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Mix Namkeen that is known for their spicy taste. Made of quality ingredients like potatoes, nuts, dry fruits, corn flakes, edible oils, chillies, amchur, salt, garam masala, sugar etc.


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Ghee Mysore Pak

When I think of sweets Ghee Mysore Pak tops the list. It melts in one’s mouth and leaves a very delightful feeling. Yes it is loaded with calories, but I forgive myself and fall for temptations once in a while. Featured here is Ghee Mysore Pak from Sadanand Sweets. A leading chain of sweet shops in Gokak.

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Essentials of Healthy Eating to Live Longer and Happily

Gokak is a town and taluk headquarters in the Belgaum District of Karnataka state, India. It is located around 70km from Belgaum at the confluence of two rivers, the Ghataprabha and the Markandeya. The population of the city is approximately 1,50,000 and the common language in use is Kannada. The town contains old Hindu temples with inscriptions.

Gokak is also renowned for its sweets, which are known all over India, such as karadantu (a Kannada term, which literally means fried edible gum), a sweet richly stuffed with nuts and edible gum, and ladagi laadu.
The town also specialises in the manufacture of wooden toy fruits, flowers, etc. which are then painted, polished and encased in transparent boxes.