Gokak is a Essentials of Healthy Eating Place


Gokak (kannada  ಗೋಕಾಕ )is a town and taluk headquarters in the Belgaum District of Karnataka state, India. It is located around 70 km from Belgaum at the confluence of two rivers, the Ghataprabha and theMarkandeya. The population of the city is approximately 1,50,000 and the common language in use is Kannada. The town contains old Hindu temples with inscriptions.

Gokak city has its own history. Nature has been kind to this place with the ranges of hills on one side and the vast black soil on the other. The river Ghataprabha rushes forth in a majestic manner on the north side of the city. Before she passes through Gokak city, she dashes down through a cleft of 167 ft, to form a famous Gokak Falls. Her waters have been harnessed and hydroelectric power is generated to run the well-known Gokak Mills since long. The hanging bridge across the river adds to the dreamy charm of the beautiful picture painted by Mother Nature. Another dancing river Markendeya joins riverGhataprabha to form “Holy Sangam” on north-west side of the Gokak city near Santosh Kulkarni's house. The river Markandeya, near village Godachinmalaki, dashes down through 43 ft step wise hill plates to form another beautiful Godachinmalaki Falls.

The town is growing rapidly in terms of industries, business, as well as the fields of education, arts, literature and folk-art. It is associated with famous Kannada writers and thinkrs such as Shri Krishna Murty Puranik, Anand Kanda, Dr. S. B. Totad, Basavaraj Kattimani,Prof.Kundanagar Rngler D.C.Pawate and Raghavendra Patil Many popular folk-artists such as Padmashri Dr.Chandrashekar Kambar, Ningayya Swami Pujari, Ishwarappa Minachi, Yallappa Pujeri, Dr. Hatapaki and Ishwarachandra Betageri are also associated with the town. Gokak has a world famous waterfall known as Gokak Falls. Famous Tikare Typing Institute which educated many people from past 30 years who are now serving in Govt, is still operating, even after the computers took over Typewriter.

Gokak is also renowned for its sweets, which are known all over India, such as karadantu (a Kannada term, which literally means fried edible gum), a sweet richly stuffed with nuts and edible gum, and ladagi laadu.

Gokak 60 kms. away from Belgaum is famous for its breath taking sceanery with its beautiful environment, Gokak Falls, the suspended bridge and many more. The sene of the falls from the bridge is just one of its kind.The temple near the falls and Godchin Malki waterfalls which is 15 kms away from here are worth seeing.



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