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Premium dink ladu

Ingredients: Jagari, Alavi, Dink, Dry fruits, Pure ghee, Masala items

About Shipping:

*Price inclusive of shipping, tax, insurance.
*Minimum order quantity is 1/2kg.
*Delivered within 4-5 days.
*For other countries shipping extra(3,500 Rs) on a order of minimum 4kgs, and delivered within 12-15 days.
*For bulk orders(Minimum of 10kgs), discount of 10%.

COD Not Applicable
Non Returnable

Note: Please Manually Verify the Service availability for your location by checking in below provided Links and then Proceed your Transaction



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Dinka Ladoo or Dry Fruits Ladoo is very traditional winter Ladoo recipe.As soon as winter steps in our country, every mom will start shopping for dry fruits and making dink ladoo.Dink Ladoo is very healthy recipe as it has lots of ghee, dry fruits and edible gum which is very good for giving strength and generating heat in body during winter season.


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